Middle School Program

The PASB Middle School believes in providing its students with an education that is developmentally responsive to the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of adolescents. At this level, a team of teachers works together with our school counselor, Principal, and parents to assist students in acquiring good study habits, organizational skills, and greater responsibility for their learning. The goal of the middle school years is to develop confident, well-adjusted young learners prepared to take on the academic responsibilities of our college-preparatory high school program.


High School Program

Students who graduate from the Pan American School of Bahia may successfully obtain three diplomas, Brazilian, American and the International Baccalaureate (IB DP). Students take four years of Portuguese, English, Math, Science and Social Studies as  well as elective courses that meet student's individual interests in order to graduate from High School. Throughout the four years of High School students and families will receive guidance in their choice of higher education through the counselor’s office and/or the Brazilian Program Director.


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