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2021-2022 2nd semester – Information for the Families

2021-2022 2nd semester – Information for the Families

Last update: January, 2022

Dear Panthers,

It is with great joy that we are starting a new school semester. This document aims to concentrate all the information we need to know at this point in order to bring our children back to campus for face-to-face learning at our school with all the safety that this moment requires.

Please use it frequently and save this link to your favorites. The information provided here will be updated periodically.

Our guiding principles

– We prioritize health, safety, well-being, and connections between members of our community
– We continue our focus on the students’ learning
– We never lose sight of our purpose, mission, vision, and values
– We support and respect the members of our community
– We communicate frequently, with clarity and transparency
– We commit to taking care of others on campus by practicing the 4 W’s:
       – Wear an appropriate mask and keep my nose and mouth covered at all times except when eating
       – Wash my hands and use sanitizer often
       – Watch my distance
       – Work together

As we start another school semester, we would like to remind you of the protocols that will be followed when entering and leaving the campus, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Coming Weeks’ Schedule

ECC and Elementary: in-person classes for all students.


ECC: Classes start at 7:45 am. Students dismissal at 2:30 pm. During the first 2 weeks of school, Pre K-2 and Pre K-3 students will start classes at 8:00 and will be released at 11:30 am. Pre K-2 and Pre K-3 students will enter and exit PASBinha through the side gate, while Pre K-4, Kinder, and Year 1 will enter and exit PASBinha through the Front Gate.
Elementary: Classes start at 7:45 am. Students dismissal at 3:00 pm.

Secondary – Y6 to Y12: in-person classes for all students.

Secondary: Classes start at 7:45 am. Students dismissal at 3:15 pm.

What you need to know to come back to the campus with safety

The Panther Playbook – PASB Pandemic Protocols
The safety protocols for face-to-face learning are in this playbook.
PASB Covid Flowchart

2021-2022 2nd Semester Panther Pledge

We understand that a safe return to campus depends on each one of us. We have translated this collaborative and supportive attitude into a Panther Commitment – for students, parents, employees, and school partners. We kindly ask that everyone sign it in order to renew our commitment to the protocols, and as a goodwill gesture before returning to campus.

The Panther Pick Up App
Before coming to school, all students and employees must fill out the COVID-19 Symptom Checker. Also, before picking up your children at the campus, all parents must inform the school through the Panther Pick Up app.
On the link below, you will find information on how to install and use the Panther Pick Up app, which will assist us in our students’ entrance and pick up.
How to use the Panther Pick Up App and the COVID-19 Symptom Checker

Pick-Up Instructions for Elementary and Secondary Students
Please read this email or watch this video to learn about the new pick-up procedures for Elementary and Secondary students.

Canteen ordering instructions (lunch and snack) – TRIX ALIMENTAÇÃO
In this stage of the campus reopening, some students will have their meals in the canteen and others in the classroom. Each division will share with you a specific communication about this. If you choose to purchase your children’s meals from Trix, you should use the Lancheira Virtual option at Bubbe’s website, at least 3 business days in advance, to make meal planning and delivery logistics by our canteen feasible. For eventual order cancellations, the canteen must be informed by 7:30 am on the day of the meal, by one of the communication channels below:
Phone numbers: +55 71 3368-8431 / +55 71 99926-7600 (PASB) / +55 71 999707-7166 (PASBinha)

Click here to learn how to use the Virtual Lunch Box (portuguese only)

Uniforms – Tecendo Moda
The uniforms will be mandatory once again for all students, except for seniors. Tecendo Moda is the only authorized uniform vendor and it is taking online orders. Please click here (this link only works if you are viewing this page on a smartphone) to check out their catalog with all products available and their respective prices. They can be reached at:

– Telephone/WhatsApp: (71) 98600-5179
– Email:
– Person of contact: Nicolle

The on-campus store will be open during school hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Reopening Webinars Links
Webinar with the Superintendent – April 28th, 2021
Webinar with Dr. Carlos Brites – April 30th, 2021

Important Contacts:

COVID-19 notification of cases in our community:
PANTHER Covid Hotline (WhatsApp Only): +55 71 3368-8400

Trix Canteen:
Phones: +55 71 3368-8431 / +55 71 99926-7600 (PASB) / +55 71 999707-7166 (PASBinha)

Other topics:

ECC Office:
Elementary Office:
Secondary Office:
Admissions Office:
Community Relations:
IT Support:

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