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Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Beliefs

Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Beliefs


The Pan American School of Bahia prepares students to face challenges as confident, principled global citizens. Our outstanding American and Brazilian programs, provided in a safe and nurturing environment, empower students to reach their fullest potential.


PASB students will truly love learning and be driven to fulfill their individual potential. They will embody the school’s core values and excel academically, athletically, and artistically as they grow toward fulfilling their goals. They will be qualified for admission to higher education institutions of their choice, and recognize their responsibility as global citizens.

The school will be recognized as one of the top educational institutions in Brazil. The PASB community will constantly evaluate its performance, focusing on continuous development toward an ever-evolving concept of excellence.

Values - the basis for the education of those who will build a more humane world

  • <strong>Values</strong> - the basis for the education of those who will build a more humane world

    We are a community that provides knowledge which is founded on values. Families who decide to become a part of our history of dedication in giving our children an excellent education without boundaries believe and support the values and ethical principles which we embrace.

    We act with compassion and solidarity; practice courtesy and forgiveness, and value and respect diversity.

    We are honest, act with moral integrity, and are dependable at all times.

  • <strong>Values</strong> - the basis for the education of those who will build a more humane world

    We value diversity, and other people’s rights and opinions, treating all with dignity.

    We embrace challenges with flexibility and creativity, acting with persistence to influence positive change.

    Responsible stewardship
    We foster both individual responsibility, as well as responsibility towards the community, and the environment, managing resources efficiently in order to build a sustainable future.

    We work together constructively to achieve our common goals and objectives.

Beliefs – As parents, we believe in the value and potential of their children’s education

As a school envisioned by parents, we believe that:

• Our children can learn better in a nurturing and multicultural community, where their achievements are acknowledged.

• Each child is an important individual, with unique intellectual, social, creative, emotional, and physical qualities.

• Our children should become lifelong learners who take responsibility for their learning and communicate effectively.

• Our highly qualified teachers and administrative staff are the foundation on which our excellent educational programs are built.

• Our academic curriculum should challenge and inspire, in order to create authentic learning experiences which require students to synthesize new concepts and realities.

• Active involvement of our school community has a positive impact on the learning process.

• It is a universal right to have an emotionally and physically safe environment.

• Our learning environments should enable children to be morally courageous.

Child Protection

As parents, we pay close attention to the well-being and safety of our children. Therefore, we have developed a Child Protection Policy and our staff is periodically trained to ensure that our children learn in a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment. Click on the link below to view PASB’s Child Protection Policy.

Child Protection Policy

School Governance

The Pan American School of Bahia (PASB) is an independent, non-profit parent association, governed by a Board of Trustees composed of eight parent representatives elected by the associates. This, in itself, provides an incomparable education delivery, as we are protagonists of PASB’s choices, development, and achievements.
Click on the links below to access the School Bylaws and the PASB Board Policy Manual.

School Bylaws
PASB Board Policy Manual

Salary Transparency and Gender Equality Report

At the Pan American School of Bahia, we are committed to transparency and promoting salary equality between women and men. In compliance with Law 14.611/2023, also known as the Salary Equality Law, we present our Salary Transparency and Gender Equality Report.

This document provides a comprehensive and transparent overview of the compensation practices adopted by PASB, highlighting our commitment to equity within our school community.

To access the full report, please click on the link below:

Salary Transparency and Gender Equality Report (Portuguese only)