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We are a learning community

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

We, from the Parent-Teacher Association, or simply PTA, are volunteers united by the mission of strengthening the spirit and integration of our community, collaborating in event organization, and fundraising for important school projects. If you are interested in participating, get in touch with us at the email address:

Because our PASB is a parent association, we love to receive ideas and contributions from parents who are engaged with our children’s education. Please, fill out this form to send your suggestions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

PASB Community Principles

PTA Operating Guidelines

2022 PTA Board

President – Ana Paula Bastos

Vice-President – Ana Flávia Oliveira

Vice-President – Joaquín Casamayor

Secretary – Thaís Aleluia

Treasurer – Janaína Ticheco

PTA manifest

They rush by as time does. They color our lives with their pencils and crayons and bring us questions in their hands, without a doubt that we have the best answers.

They still don’t know that a question mark is the starting point to becoming the best version of themselves.

So we ask ourselves: what are we going to be when they grow up?

Today we are great in their eyes. But we can grow even more. Grow with them. And so we go back to school. And we are learning new ways to be great – for them.

Here, we write many stories together, we create happy endings for ideas, projects, dreams, and encounters.

More than mothers, fathers, or teachers, we are unlimited doers.

Anita Lagesse Award

PASB has a legacy – built and perpetuated by the tireless contributions of parents who have overcome many challenges. To honor these contributions and commitment to our childrens’ futures, the board of trustees created the Anita Lagesse Award.

Anita is a former associate who was both a visionary and an inspirer. With dedication and strategic vision, she made a decisive contribution to the implementation of the IB curriculum at PASB.

Last Winners

  • Conchita Kennedy
  • Sabrina Amorim
  • Marcela Lomanto


  • Alumni

    PASB is a door that never closes. It opens up a world of unlimited possibilities, but retains a deep connection in our roots. The values of this well-loved community of knowledge stay with us for life.

    Our Alumni association gathers all those who are part of PASB’s history and have learned here how to be a transformative agent in the world.

    There are many opportunities to connect with friends, make connections, share memories, and keep their bonds with the Pan American School of Bahia.

    If you miss the great stories which you experienced here, you can get an impression of them by following our social media profiles – where you can keep up with all the interesting things happening at the school.

    If you are an Alumnus, you can proudly showcase this in your LinkedIn profile to connect with other Alumni.

    In the link below, our Alumni can update their information so they do not miss any special opportunities for interaction and celebration.

    Click here to update your information about the PASB Alumni Program.

    We will be delighted to maintain our connection.

  • Alumni
    Visit us and share your experience!

    PASB Alumni are welcome on campus to share their experiences about their time as PASB students, university students, and professionals in their fields. For our students, it is a valuable and significant opportunity to get in touch with former students and hear about their experiences and advice, whether it is when they are growing up and developing academically at school, or at the end of their journeys in High School, when they are starting to consider their careers and preparing for university selection processes.

    Please get in touch so that we can plan your visit.

    Ms. Roberta Rodrigues –

Student Testimonies

  • Student <strong>Testimonies</strong>
    Beatriz Martinelli – Class of 2010

    “Studying at PASB opened doors to the world for me. I learned to have discipline and determination, which were essential attributes for me to get into college and become a doctor. PASB taught me that there are many ways to learn, and that everyone learns differently… Some have better visual memory, others learn by listening, reading, or writing. The school taught me to discover the best method for me, and for this reason I can say that the best thing about PASB is that it taught me how to learn.”

  • Student <strong>Testimonies</strong>
    Lara Oliveira – Class of 2018

    “PASB and the IB Program taught me to think critically and analyze texts and develop concrete opinions. This is definitely something that will help me for the rest of my life. Besides this, PASB opened my mind to the world, showing me that there are other cultures, traditions, and ways of thinking that are worth knowing.”